ASPORT是源於時尚運動風潮發想的全新概念複合式時尚運動精品品牌,擁有獨特的創意與思維,結合時尚、健身運動、科技與Lifestyle。致力於推廣風靡全球的時尚運動風潮並與歐美同步最新流行,ASPORT率先引進來自世界各地的高端時尚運動品牌,重新演繹Active Fashion既優雅又具個性的態度與氛圍。將新穎的設計概念透過不同的風格呈現,重新定義運動服,引領成為街頭時尚的一環,展現全新的風貌! 

ASPORT is an upscale fashion active multi-label brand retail experience combining fashion, fitness,wellness, and technology. 
We feature a curated collection of fashion-driven activewear labels from around the globe.
Inspired by Athleisure, ASPORT is dedicated to bring in the foremost recognized brands and trendy active pieces that fit into your everyday active life from studio to street.